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Please read the general information first. This applies to all timing systems.

This timing system interface expects txt files (one file per heat) in the selected data directory. If you have your own timing system, you may create such files and Meet Manager can import the data from there.

The following filenames are valid: SessionA-EventB-HeatC.txt or EventB-HeatC.txt where A, B, C are:

  • A: The session number
  • B: The event number (e.g. 23) or the event number with the round (e.g. 7F for final event no. 7)
  • C: The heat number

These filenames are used, when you click the read results button. If you press the Shift key, you get the menu where you can choose "result select" in order to select a specific file with heat results.

Each file is a CSV file with semikolon's as column separators. Each record contains the data for one lane. A column named LANE is mandatory. Then you may have any number of swim time columns (TIME50, TIME100, TIME200, .....), columns for reaction times (RT1, RT2, ....) and columns for backup times (BACKUP1, BACKUP2, BACKUP3).