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Please always search all FAQ sections before you send us a support question. If you think you found an error, please check the release notes first for the latest corrections.


Backup Data

To backup your data, the easiest way is to make a copy of your database (MDB file). Normally this file is located at "C:\ProgramData\Team Manager 10". You can check in the Settings dialog (menu File) for the exact location of the database file. Always have Team Manager closed, when you backup / restore this file manually.

There is also a backup / restore function in Team Manager. This creates a smaller backup, but it takes longer to restore.

Sending Emails

When you get error messages like "EldSocket Error" or "Connection timed out", then please ensure, that Team Manager is not blocked by a firewall and/or antivirus software. In addition you have to ensure, that you have valid settings for an SMTP server: Menu File - Show email outbox - Settings.

Results / Reports

Custom Points - Define your own point tables.

Switzerland (SUI)


The Swiss Kidsligue needs special swim styles with fixed Id's in range 218-244 (old) and 250-268 (since saison 2012). It may happen, that these ids could not be used when you imported a Swiss Kids Ligue invitation file and new (higher) free ids were given.

Build 24165 has a new function to reorganize your swim style table in order to match the needs for the Swiss Kidsligue (menu "Extra").