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System requirements

Basically Team Manager runs on any Win32 operating system like Windows 7, 8 and 10. It may run on older systems like Windows XP but we cannot give a guarantee for that. Team Manager uses the Microsoft Jet Database Engine for which the access components should be installed by default with all these operating systems.

Please always ensure that you have administrator privileges when you install the software and that users have full read / write rights to the directory where you save the database file. In addition a common problem is that Antivirus applications block internet access of Team Manager (Team.exe) which is necessary for the first time activation and for some functionality that uses the database.

Installation steps

  1. Download the latest Team Manager Installer (see below). You will need your Splash usernumber and password to login to this site.
  2. Launch the installer from your download folder by double-clicking the install_Team.exe file. Click Next and read the Software License Agreement carefully. You can only install this software if you accept the license first. Click Next again and indicate the folder for the Team Manager installation. The installation will need about 20MBs of disk space. Choose a startmenu folder and finish the installer. If you downloaded the Demo Version of Team Manager there will be an expiration date and the printing functions are restricted. To get a full version of the software, visit the Order section of our website.
  3. When launching Splash Team Manager for the first time, you will need your usernumber and password again. Additionally, you have to be connected to the internet in order to activate the application on your computer.
  4. For further information please check the Documents page.

Update from before 2015

If you received your login information before end of 2015 or if you want to update an installation from 2014 or before, please read the instructions on this website.


Preview Builds: These are builds of the application, that contain the newest changes, which are not 100% tested. Do not use preview builds, if you are not an advanced computer user. Always have backups, if you use a preview build. If you would like to be informed about preview builds, please send us an email.

Please always use your Splash Usernumber and the Splash Password here in order to access the installation download:

Username and Passwords

There is a registered contact person for every club/license. Please contact this person, if you need the access codes for your club. To change the contact person for your club, please contact your national federation. This applies for clubs from Canada (Quebec), Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland.

If you forogot your password, you can use the following form to retreive your registration information:

The Splash user login cannot be used to login to the WikiMedia website (link in top right corner of the site). It's only needed when you click an install package for download.