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Before you contact us by email, please check the following list.

Why are the results of meet XY missing in the rankings ?

The national federations are responsable to send us the results of meets in their country. For more detailed information, please check the results guidelines document.

I found an error in the rankings. What should I do ?

First ensure with an official result list, that there is really an error in the ranking. Then send the error by email to results@swimrankings.net.

I sent an error but I don't see any changes in the pages ?

Normally we update the rankings once or twice a week, depending on the incoming results. So it may take up to a week, until your correction is done in the database and available on the website.

Why do some meet result lists look strange and incomplete ?

The different formats in which results are sent to us, are not all as complete as desirable. In these cases it is not possible to display correct places and/or age groups of the result lists.

Why are there only regional, club and age group rankings for certain federations ?

Basically detailed rankings are only available for federations, who entered an agreement with us. For all other countries only an open national ranking with the results from the European rankings is available.

How are ages calculated in age group rankings ?

Age calculations for rankings are always based on year of birth. For season rankings the age is calculated based on the end of the season, for alltime rankings, the age is calculated based on the meets date.

What is a season on swimrankings.net ?

On European level, the season is 1 Jan - 31 Dec for long course and 1 Aug - 31 Jul for short course results. Example: Short course 2013 is 1 Aug 2012 - 31 Jul 2013.
For national rankings, seasons are defined the same way, except if there are detailed rankings for a nation. In this case, the seasons are set according to the definition of the national federation.

Why is there no individual result for the first leg of a mixed relay?

According to FINA and LEN rules, the first leg cannot be a valid individual result when it's a mixed relay.

Athlete XY changed club. Why is he still listed for the old club?

In swimrankings.net, each result has a link to a club. Like this you always have the full history of a swimmers club (example). In addition, each athlete has a "current club". This club is updated when federations send us a new list with their registered swimmers.

For federations, where we don't receive such lists, the club is updated automatically after getting results for at least two meets where the athlete started for a new club. We don't have the resources, to update the current club for individual athletes manually.

Why is the split time of a result missing in the rankings?

When importing results, an additional result is created only for split times with distances of 400m, 800m or 1500m. If you want another split time listed as official result (e.g. 50m, 100m or 200m), you have to send us a notification and we add it manually. Please ensure, that such notifications can only be sent by an official of the national federation.

I lost my login password to edit my biography

Please go to https://www.swimrankings.net/manager in order to receive your login information.

I would like to edit multiple athlete profiles

Currently only one athlete profile can be attached to an account. We may add this feature sometimes in the future. Meanwhile you may encourage your athletes to create an account and edit their profile themselfs.

If you would like to send us multiple pictures of your athletes of your team, you can send these by email if you prepare them as this:

  • Resize the picture to 320x320 pixel.
  • Use JPEG format, quality 95%.
  • Name each file with NNNNNNN.jpg where NNNNNNN is the swimrankings number of the athlete. Each athlete has a number between 4'000'000 and 7'000'000. You can see this number in the browser url when you show the athletes page (....&athleteId=NNNNNNN&....).