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Record lists should be prepared carefully before the meet. If you work with records the first time, it's also usefull to make some tests with dummy results in order to understand, how the system works.

Auto update

Record list can be updated automatically during the meet. The full history of all records is saved in the database. Everytime a heat is set to "official", records are updated. If you set a heat to "inofficial" or clear heat results, all records from these heats will be removed again.

There are different options for the automatic update:

  • None: Records are never added automatically.
  • All: Records are always added automatically for all events.
  • Master Only: Only results from events flaged as master event are checked for new records.
  • Regular Only: Only results from events, that are not flagged as master event, are checked for new records.

Meet event reference

Each record can have a meet event reference. If you do not really understand the following explanation, just leave this field empty for all your records.

When Meet Manager creates new records automatically, this field is set to the event/heat, when the record happened. Like this it is possible to print a prelim result list with the old record and have the final result list with the record(s) from the prelim.

It is possible to set the event reference manually. This is only used, if another meet is going on in a different place and a record happens there. Then you have to add this record manually and put the meet event reference to tell Meet Manager, from when this record will show up. The meet event reference can be any event of your meet. It just helps to put the manual record in the correct place in your meet events timeline.

Common Questions
  • Why are my records not printed in the event header?
A common mistake is, that users did set the "meet event reference" for a record. Only in special cases, this field has to be set manually (see separate section above).
  • Why are my records not updated automatically?
Only record lists with an "automatic update" set to something else than "none" will be checked.
  • Why results of foreign swimmers apear as new national record?
Please ensure, that you have the nation filter selected for the record list. For regional records, you have to select the region filter as well.