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With Meet Manager you can place your meet in the swimrankings calendar. You find some more details in the SplashMe Setup. By setting some additional options before you upload the Lenex invitation file, your meet will be presented for Online Entries in the Swimrankings Manager.

Setup Meet / Events

Before you upload the Lenex invitation file to the swimrankings calender, please ensure, that you completeley defined your event structure. In the "General Meet Info" you have to check the following values (under "Others"):

  • Entry deadline: The date until when entries will be open for changes
  • Online available from: The date, from when your meet will be shown in the Online Entries.
  • Online entry type: Leave this field empty, if your meet should not be listed for Online Entries. Select "Open", if everybody can add entries. Select "On invitation", if you want to define the clubs / users, who can add entries for this meet (see Setup Clubs).

Setup Clubs

If you choose "Open" for the online entry type, users can register their clubs online. If you choose "On invitation", you have to setup the clubs and webusers in Meet Manager and upload it to For this, choose module "Club". Then add all your clubs there and enter the email address of the webuser for online entries. Finally you have to upload these clubs (menu "Edit"). You can only upload clubs, when you registered the meet in the calendar first. You may upload clubs at any time. If you upload a club, no athletes and/or entries already entered online will be changed. Like this, you can add a webuser during entry process. Just change/add the email address and upload the club again.

Editing Entries

To edit entries you need a valid account for the Swimrankings Website. The username is always a valid email address. On the login page you can create a new account or ask the server for your login details if you lost them.

In the module "Entries" you can see all meets available for Online Entries. If meet is listed here depends on the initial settings done during the setup in Meet Manager.

Import Entries

To import entries, go to module "Club". You can import entries at any time. When you import entries for one club, all existing athletes and entries in your local database will be replaced for this club. Once a club in your local database is connected with a club in the Online Entries, this is shown with a special symbol after the club name.

  • Download new Clubs: All new clubs in the Online Entry System will be imported to your local database.
  • Download all Clubs: All clubs from the Online Entry System will be imported to your local database.
  • Download current Club: Only the current club will be imported from the Online Entry System.

Even if a club was imported to the local database, a user can still make changes online, if the entry deadline is not over. So always ensure, that you make your final download only after the entry deadline.