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Live results PDF documents can be customized using the regular page setup functions. Please keep in mind, that each meet has a separate settings that are used to create live result documents only. You can access these settings using the function in the toolbar of the live result setup dialog.

You have the possibility to customize the index.html file too. For this, you create the following files in the live results local files directory:

  • _indexStyles.css: This file can contain the CSS definition for any element in the index.html.
  • _indexHeader.html: This file will be included at the top of the index.html.
  • _indexFooter.html: This file will be included at the bottom of the index.html

A good start for these files is, if you create a plain index.html and then copy the default text block between the comments in the corresponding file. As soon as any of the files exists, it will be used instead of the default text/data.

If you add references to images, you should place the image files in the local files directory or then you should use full paths in the href attribute.

Example files for customized styles