Meet Manager:Data Access, Storage and Backup

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Which database types can I use with Meet Manager and what is the best choice for me?

Meet Manager uses MS Access (.MDB) database files by default. These files can be placed in any directory, including any network drive. When you open / create a new meet database, Meet Manager shows the default directory for meet files first. You change this directory in the global settings.

Instead of .mdb files you may open a .ini file with a configuration description for a database connection to other databases. Please check the separate documentation about database connections on how this is done.

Does multiuser access work with Meet Manager?

You can access the same Meet Manager database from different computers through a network. However, we highly recommend to do changes in the event structure (sessions, events and agegroups) in single usermode only.

What is the recommended method to backup my data?

All settings are kept in the meet database. There is no backup/restore function. Just save a copy of the .MDB file which contains all the data. All settings can be imported and exported individually. In the "Setup" menu there is a function, which allows you to import settings from another meet.

When you have more than one user, who accesses the same meet database at the same time during a meet, you should always use the backup function with the "concurrent" option activated to create a backup of your meet.