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For all applications, language specific data is hold in separate files with an ".x*" extension (e.g. ".xfr" for French). These files are regular text files with some special formating. The files can be edited with any text editor. The only thing to keep in mind is, that you should never change the keywords in these files.

To manage language files easier, we created the Translator Tool. Please contact us in order to get a copy of this application.

Getting started

There is no installation to be done. Just extract the Translator.exe file from the archive and save it on your computer. Then launch the application.

First you open the base language file (File - Load Base Text File). Here you open the default language file. Normally this is english (extension *.xus). This file is always readonly.

Then you open your language file (File - Load Language Text File). You can use the tree on the left side to navigate through all items. When you click on an item, the text is loaded on the right side and you can change it there directly.

When you are done, just save the language text file and send it back to us, so we can integrate it in the install of the application.

Changed flag

In the tree you can see blue exclamation marks. This indicates, that the changed flag is set for that item. When you translated an item, you can clear the change flag. Use the button with the white light in the language tool bar. If you removed a change flag by accident, you may set it again with the button with the yellow light.