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Version 10.75980

Released: Monday, 6. February 2023

  • German DSV 7 Format
Export entries routine updated to DSV 7 format. This includes athletes nationality and classification codes for disabled swimmers.

Version 10.75475

Released: Tuesday, 27. December 2022

  • Entries - New option "Ignore Courses"
New option "per meet" to ignore course for entry times. If set, the fastest time of the date range will be used, regardless the course.
  • Report - FINA Points 2022
FINA Points 2022 SCM added.
  • German DSV 7 Format
Import routines for German DSV format updated to format version 7.

Version 10.72224

Released: Monday, 28. February 2022

  • Results - New Point Scoring
German Rudolph 2022 added.
DSV Master Points 2022 added.

Version 10.71869

Released: Tuesday, 18. January 2022

  • Report - FINA Points 2022
Points table FINA 2022 LCM added.

Version 10.70676

Released: Thursday, 16. September 2021

  • Members - SMTP - TLS 1.2 Support
TLS 1.2 Support added for sending email through SMTP.
  • Report - FINA Points 2021 SCM
Points table FINA 2021 SCM added.

Version 10.69828

Released: Thursday, 24. June 2021

  • Results - Report Summary of Times
New option to filter exported results by course.

Version 10.68079

Released: Thursday, 7. January 2021

  • Report - FINA Points 2021 LCM
Points table FINA 2021 LCM added. Base times didn't change compared to table for 2020.

Version 10.67231

Released: Friday, 6. November 2020

  • Results - Ranking by Points
If you select only 1 to n places for the rankings, the last place was always the wrong result.

Version 10.66747

Released: Thursday, 15. October 2020

  • Report - FINA Points 2020 SCM
Points table FINA 2020 SCM added.

Version 10.66311

Released: Thursday, 27. August 2020

  • Entries - Calculation of percent with times
Percents of times were calculated "by square". There is a new global option in the settings to switch between "linear" and "by square".

Version 10.64646

Released: Friday, 8. May 2020

  • Results - New Point Scorings
New point scorings added:
- German Rudolph 2020
- Dutch Para Swimming 2020
  • Results - Ranking by Points
Error fixed with age dependent point tables (e.g. Rudolph Points). Not all results were used in some cases.

Version 10.63491

Released: Thursday, 27. February 2020

  • Entries - Empty Entry Form
Error fixed with meets where events with gender "all" are defined and men/women separately selected for the form.

Version 10.57933

Released: Thursday, 17. January 2019

  • Entries - Details for entry times missing
When you put together a team with individual entry times, the details of these times (date, city) were missing on the reports.
  • FINA Points LCM 2019
Points table FINA 2019 LCM added.

Version 10.57651

Released: Saturday, 15. December 2018

  • Matching custom disciplines
When importing entries for events with custom disciplins (match by unique id), all events matched the same disciplin.

Version 10.56274

Released: Sunday, 16. September 2018

  • Results - Import German (DSV) result file
Technique "Kick" will be recognized correctly now.
  • Selected Language Setting
The selected language was not saved correctly in all situations.

Version 10.42556

Released: Tuesday, 26. April 2016

  • Members - Filter for "member fee payed" flag
New filter added to select members by flag "fee payed".

Version 10.41418

Released: Tuesday, 16. February 2016

  • Results - Error in view "Personal Bests", classic mode
When opening personal bests in classic mode for an athlete with results in special strokes (e.g. bifins) the application crashes.

Version 10.41115

Released: Tuesday, 26. January 2016

  • FINA Points LCM 2016
Points table FINA 2016 LCM added.

Version 10.40931

Released: Wednesday, 13. January 2016

  • Members - Grade for Officials
New field for grade added. The value can be used for officials and will be exported to Lenex entry files.

Version 10.40736

Released: Saturday, 2. January 2016

  • German DSV 6 Format
New import / export routines for German DSV 6 format.

Version 10.40261

Released: Thursday, 26. November 2015

  • Dutch IPC 2016 Points
Dutch version of IPC 2016 points table added.

Version 10.38822

Released: Tuesday, 1. September 2015

  • Rudolph Points 2015
New Rudolph Points 2015 added.

Version 10.37542

Released: Monday, 18. May 2015

  • Entries - Import Hy-Tek invitation improved
More details read from file: meet nation, meet province and 25y time standards.

Version 10.36063

Released: Tuesday, 3. March 2015

  • Results - Adding new members during results import
Error fixed, which happened when adding new members during results import.
  • FINA Points LCM 2015
New FINA points 2015 added.
  • SUI: Edit Team Championships Team
Edit teams for Swiss Team Championships failed.

Version 10.35526

Released: Friday, 6. February 2015

  • Report - Dutch IPC Points
Dutch IPC points table added.

Version 10.34895

Released: Wednesday, 14. January 2015

  • Results - Import from fixed
Download/import results from was broken in latest builds.

Version 10.34836

Released: Monday, 12. January 2015

  • Hy-Tek Data Import Correction
Meet course not always recognized correctly.
Difference TM1 to TM2 database structure not always recognized correctly.

Version 10.34686

Released: Monday, 5. January 2015

  • Adding new meet with active "Course Filter"
When adding a new meet from a file with filter for meet course activated, then the oldest meet will be overwritten with the new meet!
  • Confirmation mail
Problem solved with request for confirmation mail
  • Display of Selection
Multiple selection in lists (e.g. members) will be displayed correctly again.
  • Entries - Export officials and coaches
Officials and coaches are exported with entries now. officals can be selected by meet sessions.
  • Export Entries DSV format
When exporting entries for special events, the stroke was not set correctly to"X".
  • Export SDIF entries changed
In D0 records, the column for event gender contained the athlete gender.
  • Extended members import
Additional fields and function added to member import function (request from VZF Belgium).
  • FINA Points 2012
FINA Points SCM 2012 added
  • Handicap Points on Results report
Handicap codes will be used to calculate points on result reports.
  • Hy-Tek Data Import corrected
Corrections in Hy-Tek data import.
  • Import Event Definition - German DSV 5 Format
Event definition file with entry fees defined for final only event numbers caused an error.
  • Import event structure - wrong ages
The valid ages are wrong when you import a file with time standard list references, where the list covers a wider age range than the event itself.
  • Import event structure with time standards
Improved handling for import of time standards from Lenex 3.0 format files.
  • Import German Invitationfile (DSV)
Time standards (Pflichtzeiten) will be imported correctly again.
  • Import invitation files fixed
Qualification times were not imported correctly from Lenex files and Hy-Tek .ev3 files.
  • Import members from CSV files
New function to import/synchronize member list from a CSV file with data from an external system.
  • Import members from CSV files - Corrections
Changes and extensions to import function.
  • Import results - new members
When adding new members during result import, handicap codes will be set correctly.
  • Installation - Activation not saved properly
If you do a complete new installation or changes to the configuration with build 21215, it may happen, that the Team10.ini file is not saved correctly and therefor, the application asks for activation each time you start it.
  • Lenex Entries Import
When importing entries from Lenex file, flags for EXH and bonus entry are lost.
  • New strokes for finswimming
Strokes "Surface", "Bifins", "Apnea" and "Immersion" added for finswimming.
  • Print Personal Bests - Table
Error when selecting a layout with a 800/1500m column.
  • Print Personal Bests - Table
Application crashes, when you select a filter by course.
  • Problem with long Hyperlinks
Problem fixed with long Hyperlinks that where shown broken and therfore did not work correctly
  • Relay Rankings - Age range
Values bigger than 99 could not be entered for age range.
  • Rudolph Points
German Rudolph 2013 Points added