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* Slovakia
* Slovakia
* Slovenia
* Slovenia
* Swiss Swimming - [mailto:isabel.coello@swiss-swimming.ch isabel.coello@swiss-swimming.ch]
* Swiss Swimming - [mailto:isabel.coello@swiss-swimming.ch isabel.coello@swiss-swimming.ch]    -    [http://forums.swimrankings.net/viewforum.php?f=3 Forum]
* Turkey
* Turkey

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Splash Meet and Team Manager

If your license is part of an agreement with a national/regional federation, please contact support of your federation. Known contacts are:

All other users please use our support forums. You have to register and create your own account in order to post in the forum. These accounts are completely independant from regular Splash and/or Swimrankings accounts.

Swimrankings Website

Most common questions regarding the Swimrankings website are answered in the FAQ. You may read on about how to contribute as well.