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Under progress

  • Events - Remove events in combined events
When deleting an event that is used in a combined event, the reference to this event was not removed correctly.

Version 11.67017

Released: Friday, 16. October 2020

  • Entries - Import file with coaches fails
When you import an entry file with coaches, the application stops with an error.

Version 11.66982

Released: Thursday, 15. October 2020

  • Error "ATHLETE: Item nnn does not exist"
This error occurs in different places after changing data. Should be fixed now.
  • Error after Reorganize
Error after reorganize when starting the function in module "Entries".

Version 11.66909

Released: Friday, 9. October 2020

  • Entries - Handling empty Entry Times (NT)
All empty entry times (e.g. from import) are set to NT so that these entries will be listed last.

Version 11.66822

Released: Monday, 5. October 2020

  • Entries - Customized Seeding
New option to define seeding where only every second lane is used.
  • Entries - Import seeding
New option to import heat and lane numbers from entry files.
  • Results - Additional columns in CSV result exports
CSV Export with results have additional columns with times converted to LCM using the FINA points table.
  • Results - New Point Scorings
New point scorings added:
- German Rudolph 2020
- Dutch Para Swimming 2020
  • Report - Filter by Athletes / Clubs
Saved selections of filters could cause invalid reports when you deleted all athletes and clubs from a meet and added new ones.
  • Report - FINA Points 2020 SCM
Points table FINA 2020 SCM added.
  • Timing Systems - Colorado Dolphin Events file
The file DolphinEventList.csv will be exported in new format (version 5). The old format will be exported as DolphinEventList4.csv file.
  • Turkish Translation
Turkish translation updated.

Version 11.58223

Released: Monday, 18. February 2019

  • Entries - Reports - Sorting athletes
In some reports, sorting athletes by name was broken.

Version 11.57964

Released: Tuesday, 22. January 2019

  • Records - Checking records changed
New option to define, if split times should be checked for records.
Start swimmer of mixed relay is never checked as record.
  • Results - FINA Points LCM 2019
Points table FINA 2019 LCM added.

Version 11.57658

Released: Monday, 17. December 2018

  • Events - Events with custom disciplines
When importing entries for events with custom disciplins (match by unique id), all events matched the same disciplin.
  • Events - Timestandards mixed relays
Timestandards can be defined for mixed relays.
  • Entries - Calcluate Schedule - Backstroke
New option to define extra break for backstroke events.

Version 11.56278

Released: Sunday, 16. September 2018

  • Results - Point Score Definition - Options
Points by places can be defined per event. Extra points per team are possible.
  • Download base data Portugal
Download function for base data Portugal fixed.
  • Selected Language Setting
The selected language was not saved correctly in all situations.

Version 11.55322

Released: Thursday, 2. August 2018

  • Records - Export winners as recordlist
Relay swimmers were missing in the exported record lists.
  • Records - Import - Nation / Region ignored
When importing a new record list from any source, the nation/region filter was not set correctly.
  • Records - Import from Excel file
When reading records, the entire row is checked, if there are still records available and not only the first column.
  • Entries - Order of entries on entry list
Entries on entry list can be sorted by level / disabilty code.
  • Results - Export in CSV / TXT format
Column with athlete registration number added.
  • Results - FINA Points SCM 2018
Points table "FINA Points SCM 2018" added.
  • Results - Times rounded to tenths of second
Times can be handeled by 1/100 or 1/10 of a second now. Setting is "per session".
  • Live / SplashMe - Naming of Lenex file
The internal name of a lenex result file (results.lxf) was corrected from ".lef" to "results.lef".
  • Live / SplashMe - PDF Results on Swimrankings Server
When using swimrankings server for live results, performance and stability of the server was improved.

Version 11.47828

Released: Tuesday, 7. March 2017

  • Entries - New seeding option
There is a new seeding option "seed late entries last".
  • Report - New layout columns
New layout columns for entry qualification time and course added.

Version 11.47168

Released: Thursday, 26. January 2017

  • Events - Export Hy-Tek .ev3 event file
New export feature to create a valid events file for Hy-Tek Team Manager (.ev3 file).

Version 11.43863

Released: Tuesday, 12. July 2016

  • Events - Session - Judge role dropdown list
The dropdown list for judge roles on the session edit panel was not refreshed when another meet was reopened.
  • Records - Lists with disabilty codes
New field for records to set disabilty codes. Import / export extended with Excel file format.
  • Entries - Seeding with 3 lanes
Fixed seeding for slowest heat for pool with 3 lanes and 7 entries.
  • Results - Export Results German DSV 6 Format
The age groups (lines with WERTUNG) were missing in the exported result files.
  • Report - Comments on result lists
Long comments on result lists will were not wrapped to new lines.
  • Timing Systems - Seiko PT-8000 Interface
Interface to timing system "Seiko PT-8000" added.
  • FINA Points LCM 2016
Points table FINA 2016 LCM added.
  • Timestandards with disablity
New filter for disabilty code added to timestandard lists.

Version 11.40736

Released: Saturday, 2. January 2016

  • Events - Course 12.5 meter pool
Course for 12.5m pools added.
  • Events - Disabilty Codes "AB" and "GB" not recognized
Disabilty Codes "AB" and "GB" were not correctly recognized anymore.
  • Events - Order of items in roles drop down
The order of items in the role drop downlist in the jury panel was wrong. It should be the same as in the roles editor.
  • Entries - Qualification time ignored
When importing entries from Lenex files, the qualification time was ignored during import.
  • Entries - Swiss Team Chamionships Seeding
Error in cycle seeding for Swiss Team Chamionships fixed. Cyclic was only done within the same heat.
  • Results - Manually entered split times not saved
Manually entered split times were not saved to the database correctly.
  • Results - New layout column "Time behind"
New column type for time behind winner time added.
  • Results - Progression in reports
Field "Progression" added to result reports, certificates layout and as columns in CSV results by athletes.
  • Report - Font Color Certificates
When editing certificates, font color "black" is saved as "green".
  • Report - Referee report Word
New variables added for endtime of session and table for all judges per session (see example word template - .dot file).
  • Timing Systems - Error with Omega ARES 21 and finals
Reading results from finals / semi finals failed in any case. This error exists since build #38919 and should be fixed now.
  • Timing Systems - Stramatel - Export data for final events
Entry data for final, semifinal and swim off events was not exported to meet.xml.
  • Live / SplashMe - Support for https
All requests sent by Meet Manager to a Swimrankings server use https now.
  • Error when changing to module "Entries"
No error when changing to module "Entries", tab "Entries by Events".
  • FINA Points 2015
New FINA points SCM 2015 added. FINA points LCM 2015 corrected.
  • German DSV 6 Format
New import / export routines for German DSV 6 format.
  • Import base data Portugal
Corrected to import from new portuguese registration system. Old system/import source is not available anymore.
  • KNZB - Import officals
When importing officials, the registration (sportlink id) is imported as well.
  • Lenex export
Negative values for any kind of fees will be exported too.
  • Missing scrollbars in lists
In some lists in some cases, vertical scrollbars were missing.
  • Open Water - Codes added
New result state codes for open water swimming added: OTL and ADV.
  • Rudolph Points 2015
New Rudolph Points 2015 added.
  • Swiss Kids Ligue
* New type for "Swiss Kids Ligue - Team Cup"
* Regular result states for relay events.
* No check for club or gender in relays.

Version 11.38068

Released: Thursday, 2. July 2015

  • Records - Wrong age on report "Records broken by Event"
In this report the current date (instead of the meet date) was used to calculate the age. This means, the age was wrong, if you printed the report again in the next year.
  • Entries - Schedule not correctly calculated
Schedule calculation was broken with build 36477.
  • Entries - Seeding by agegroups failed
In some cases, seeding by agegroups failed and no heats were generated.
  • Entries - Special seeding for Russian Masters
Function for special seeding (according rules Russian Masters) added.
  • Results - Athlete Progression Report - Missing percentage
Percentage is not printed for all results in detail report.
  • Report - Dutch IPC Points
Dutch IPC points table added.
  • Report - Pointscore by Teams
When selecting "details for each result" with many results, an empty page was printed before each club.
  • Live / SplashMe - Application blocked during update
Meet Manager blocked randomly after activating live results when using the "last event / heat window".
  • Live / SplashMe - Error when closing setup dialog
Fixed error on some computers when closing the live result setup dialog.
  • Behaviour under Windows 8.1
Windows 8.1 was not recoginized correctly by the latest versions. Therefore some behaviour with the taskbar icon and others were incorrect.
  • FINA Points LCM 2015
New FINA points 2015 added.

Version 11.34686

Released: Monday, 5. January 2015

  • Events - Adding record reference in event
Adding records or timestandards to an event fails.
  • Events - Calculate schedule, new option
A new option allows to calculate the starttime of a session based on the end of the previous session.
  • Events - Checkboxes in the event-mask
Checkboxes for the records in the event-mask now work again.
  • Events - Error when adding jury member
Adding a new jury member in a session caused an access violation.
  • Events - Export German "DSV Wettkampfdefinitionsdatei"
Export events and time standards in german DSV 5 format (Wettkampfdefinitionsdatei).
  • Events - New filters for agegroups
- additonal filters for multiple nations, regions and clubs.
- additional filter for "levels". Levels are set per athlete as any character code.
  • Records - Cannot save relay swimmers
Relay swimmers cannot be saved on older meet databases.
  • Records - Error when adding record
When adding a record item, it may happen, that the records panel is not loaded correctly and you get an access violation.
  • Records - Export Lenex Format
CLUB was not correctly exported when using the Lenex format. This error was introduced with build number 20948.
  • Records - Gender of swimmers for mixed relays
For mixed relay records, the gender of the relay swimmer could not be edited.
  • Records - Import from other meet - Splits and relay swimmers missing
When importing records directly from another meet database, then the split times and the relay swimmer names were not imported.
  • Records - Record update function refined
Better recognition of records e.g. first swimmer in relay with DSQ after 3rd swimmer or split time record of athlete, who is not first at the end of the race.
  • Records - Region Filter
Region filter was not use when checking for new records.
  • Records - Relay swimmers lost during backup/restore
When doing a concurrent backup/restore of a meet, all relay swimmers in records will be lost during that process.
  • Entries - Agegroup not recognized on import
When importing entries from a file, the agegroup for individual entries is not recognized correctly.
  • Entries - Athlete fee "per session"
New optional fee per athlete for each session.
  • Entries - Delete empty heat
Remove a single heat (empty or not empty) in "Entries by Event" view could fail.
  • Entries - Empty Entry Form as Excel file
Create Excel Sheet as empty entry form with one column per event.
  • Entries - Entry Confirmation Report - Application freeze
On some Windows installations, Meet Manager freezes completely. It's known to happen in this report but it may happen in other places as well.
  • Entries - Export CSV format
Error fixed when exporting meet entries for meet with no relays.
  • Entries - Final cycle seed
According to new FINA rules, only two heats will be cycle seeded for prelims with 400m or longer.
  • Entries - Import english (international) names
English (international) names were not imported correctly.
  • Entries - Import German DSV Entries corrected
DSV Entry files with custom events can be imported now, if a match by event number is possible.
  • Entries - Missing fee on entry confirmation report
The fee "per athlete per session" was not counted in the total fee on this report.
  • Entries - New keyboard shortcuts
Some new shortcuts added in module Entry. Check page in FAQ for details.
  • Entries - Qualification Info improved
The qualification info dialog uses the correct entry time conversion for the event instead of the global values. Same for get qualification info task.