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To create a new blank meet, '''''either''''' choose
To create a new blank meet, '''''either''''' choose
[[Meet_Manager:File|File]] menu → New Meet   
File menu → New Meet   
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[[Meet_Manager:Events|Events]] module → [[file:button_create-new-meet.png|alt=|link=]]''' Create new meet database''' button  
Events module → [[file:button_create-new-meet.png|alt=|link=]]''' Create new meet database''' button  

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To create a new blank meet, either choose

File menu → New Meet


Events module → Create new meet database button

In the appearing Create New Meet Wizard window you have to choose between the following two options:

Create blank meet

Choose this option to create a new, empty meet and press the Next button. Fill in all the fields on the following page:

Filename for Meet DB

Just type in a filename to create the new file in the Meet Manager default directory. To choose another directory press the button next to the field. You can change the default directory for meet database files here: File menu → General Settings.

Meet city

Enter the name of the city the meet takes place in. Do not add a ZIP (postal code).

Meet nation

Choose the appropriate country from the dropdown list.

Date of LAST day

Type in the date of the last day of your competition. To browse the calendar press the button. To exit the calendar double click the appropriate date or press the OK-button.

Enter Course, Number of lanes (i. e. number of first and last lane) and Timing (type of) to complete the wizard.

All these values can be changed later as well but it is important to enter them for each meet from the outset.

Click the Finish button and the new meet will be created as specified.

Download a template file from the internet

Choose this option and press Next to specify the data for your meet and subsequently download a template file from the internet.

Meet Manager offers this option to create meets from templates. Templates are meet databases with predefined event structure, settings and report layouts that will be reused for the new meet. Templates are kept on the Splash web server and are retrieved from there, when you create a new meet using this option. Federations with a global contract have the possibility to manage their own set of meet templates directly on the Splash web server.

Fill in the wizard's first page completely and correctly as stated above. Proceed by clicking on the Next button.

On the next page, choose a template for your new meet from the list (it is possible to filter the list by choosing a nation from the Filter dropdown menu):

Hit Finish to download the template file and complete the creation of the new meet.