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=Live Results=
=Live Results=
:[[Meet_Manager:Live_Results_Customized_Styles|Using customized styles]]

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Please always search all FAQ sections before you send us a support question. Also check the old FAQ PDF document for topics that were not yet added to the wiki site. If you think you found an error, please check the release notes first for the latest corrections.


Installation - Check this site to find instructions for download and installation.
Create a New Meet
Data Access, Storage and Backup
SUI - Swiss Swimming - Specific notes for meets in Switzerland.

Event Structure

Age Group Filters - Read about the different possibilities to group results on the result list.


Record List Definition

Entries / Seeding

Entries CSV File Format - Generic file format for entries import

Results / Reports

Custom Points - Define your own point tables

Timing Systems

You can search the general information which applies to all timing systems or you can check the specific sites for the following systems:

Live Results

Using customized styles