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Beside the common formats like Lenex, SDIF, German DSV you may import entries from common text files with Meet Manager.

The format of this text file has to fullfill the following specification:

  • On the first line you have the meet identification with the fields meet name, meet city, meet nation, course and meet date. All fields have to be separated with a semicolon (;).
  • On the second line you have the column names, all uppercase, separated with a semicolon (;) The columns can be in any order.
  • From the third and all following lines you have the entries, one entry per line.

A valid entry file needs at least these columns:

  • BIRTHDATE: The athlete’s birthdate. Just leave the field empty for relay results. See also column YOB.
  • CLUBCODE: The official club code or number. Please only use official values allocated by the club’s national federation here. DO NOT attempt to invent any codes if you do not know the official ones!
  • CLUBNAME: The club name.
  • CLUBNATION: The club nation. If this column is missing or empty, the club nation is supposed to be found in the field NATION.
  • DISTANCE: The distance of the event (50, 100, 200, 400, 800, ...). For relay results, this is always the distance for a single athlete.
  • ENTRYTIME: The entry time in the format MM:SS.ZZ or SS.ZZ.
  • FIRSTNAME: The athlete’s first name.
  • GENDER: The athlete’s gender or, in the case of relay results, the gender of the relay. Allowed values are F (female) or M (male).
  • LASTNAME: The athlete’s last name (family name).
  • LICENSE: The swimmer’s national registration ID. Please use official IDs issued by national federations only. Otherwise leave this field empty.
  • NATION: The athlete’s nationality. If this value differs from his/her club nation, fill in the column CLUBNATION as well.
  • RELAYCOUNT: This column is necessary if you have relay entries. E.g. for a relay entry 4x100 you put 4 in RELAYCOUNT and 100 in DISTANCE. For individual entries, just type "1" in here.
  • STROKE: The stroke of the event. Allowed values are FREE, BACK, BREAST, FLY or MEDLEY.
  • YOB: The athlete’s year of birth. You may use this column rather than BIRTHDATE if you do not have full birthdates available. The year of birth should be entered with 4 digits (e.g. 1987).

Other optional columns in the entry file are:

  • EXCEPTION: This column is the exception code for disabled athletes.
  • HANDICAP: The disabled class for the athlete. Depending on the stroke it is used for S, SB or SM.
  • RELAYNUMBER: This column is optional for relay entries. If you have more than one entry per club / event you can pas the number of the relay team here.

For relay swimmers you may add XXXXX<n> columns, where <n> is the number of the relay swimmer. Columns like these can be created for the fields BIRTHDATE1, FIRSTNAME1, GENDER1, LASTNAME1 or YOB1.

Here is an example with three entries (two individual, one relay entry):

Test meet for CSV Entries;Berne;SUI;SCM;15.05.2009 NUMBER;RELAYCOUNT;DISTANCE;STROKE;LASTNAME;FIRSTNAME;GENDER;BIRTHDATE;CLUBCODE;CLUBNAME;NATION;ENTRYTIME;LASTNAME1;FIRSTNAME1;GENDER1;BIRTHDATE1;LASTNAME2;FIRSTNAME2;GENDER2;BIRTHDATE2;LASTNAME3;FIRSTNAME3;GENDER3;BIRTHDATE3;LASTNAME4;FIRSTNAME4;GENDER4;BIRTHDATE4 1;1;400;FREE;Kaufmann;Christian;M;01.02.2001;SWR;Swimrankings Team;SUI;4:59.99 31;1;200;MEDLEY;Kaufmann;Christian;M;01.02.2001;SWR;Swimrankings Team;SUI;2:01.01 38;4;100;MEDLEY;;;F;;SWR;Swimrankings Team;SUI;4:01.02;Kaufmann;Christian;M;01.02.2001;Marino;Franco;M;01.01.1999;Angeli;Ricardo;M;01.01.1988;Roth;Manuel;M;01.01.1992