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Please read the general information first. This applies to all timing systems.

Stramatel AquaSwim V is a product from Stramatel, France.

The interface is available in Splash Meet Manager for builds number 29062 and newer. Last corrections were done in build number 31517.


  • Both applications (Splash and AquaSwim) need full read/write access to the shared data directory.
  • When you select "Download Events" in Meet Manager, the complete meet.xml file is recreated. All entries and athlete names are written to the file as well.
  • A MM event is a session in AquaSwim; a MM heat is a race in AquaSwim. A meet.xml file contains all events and heats of one MM session.
  • When you click "Get Results", Meet Manager searches for a file named "Id_nnnn-*.stra" where nnnn is the internal heat id of the heat and reads the times from there.
  • Every second, Meet Manager checks for new and changed result files. If a new file is found, an internal "official results" message for this heat is created. This can be used for the auto save function.