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Please read the general information first. This applies to all timing systems. Dolphin Wireless is a product from Colorado Time Systems, United States.

For support of .do3 and .do4 files you need at least build number 21044 of Meet Manager.


This timing system creates files (one file per heat) in a directory (normally in C:\CTSDolphin\). The .do3 files only contain the final time. The newer .do4 contain split times as well. Please be aware, that split times are just a number of times. So if for one lane the first time is missing, this cannot be recognized by Meet Manager and all times for this lane will be shifted by one.

Newer Dolphin Systems support the usage of a file named DolphinEventList.csv. This file defines the available events and also the naming of the .do4 files.

If you press the "Get Results" button, Meet Manager builds the filename based on the active heat. If you press the <Shift> key whith "Get Results", you will see a select list of all available files in your Dolphin directory.

Filename Convention

In Meet Manager you can use "Export Events" to create the event file. In this case the values (especially code for round) will be set correctly for result file naming. This is the meaning of the different parts of the filename: AAA-BBB-CCXNNNN.do3 or AAA-BBB-CCCXNNNN.do4 means:

  • AAA: The number of the meet data set. Normally this is a session. It has to be selected in the timing setup dialog.
  • BBB: The event number.
  • CCC: The heat number.
  • X: The round (T: timed final, P: prelim, S: semi final, F: final). In case of a timed final event, Meet Manager looks for files with code P as well.
  • NNNN: The race id number. This is a unique number per meet data set.