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Please read the general information first. This applies to all timing systems. SwimTime is a product from ALGE Timing, Austria.


Meet Manager and ALGE SwimTime software communicate using messages, which are sent through text files. The two files (named splash_send.txt and splash_receive.txt) are placed in the directory of the SwimTime application file (SwimTime.exe). In order to have proper communication between the two applications, both application need read/write access to this directory. To avoid problems under Windows 7 it may be usefull to install the ALGE SwimTime software not under the "C:\Program Files" directory.

Adjustments in SwimTime

To setup the Communication you have to open SwimTime and do the following adjustment.

  • Go to Options – Network Settings.
  • Enable Splash ExchangeIf required change the Exchange Path as you wish or use the standard.
  • Now click on Creat Share to allow the access to this folder from other computers. This function is not working on all Computers as it is probably blocked by some firewall software and/or other security settings of the operating system.
SwimTime Network Settings

After doing these steps you have to do the following steps on your computer where SPLASH is running.

Adjustments in SPLASH

Open the timing system dialogue in Splash and choose as timing system ALGE SwimTime.Click on the Window folder icon beside the Timing Directory which will open an explorer search window. Search now for the shared folder on the Timing Computer.

Select Shared Directory

Choose the folder and click on OK. Now you can click on activate timing. If the connection is successful you can see in the “Setup Timing Window” the Version of ALGE SwimTime.

Display SwimTime Version
Starting a new competition

After the connection is established we recommend to create a new competition with the SwimTime Software. Name it after the actual competition and then send from Splash the event structure for the first session.

In SwimTime the new meet is now available in the drop down menu.

For questions and probems concerning the communication between Splash and ALGE SwimTime please send an e-mail to office(at)

Known Problems

Loosing connection after connecting to WiFi or USB Surf-Stick to the Internet!

If you use 2 network connections on one computer we recommend connecting the timing computers shared directory via network drive. Establish the network drive to the SwimTime Computer before you connect to the Internet!

You can find on the Microsoft Windows homepage how to establish such a network drive.