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Age groups give you the possibility, to group results by different criterias. Age groups in prelims and timed final events can be overlapping. This means one result will be listed in different result lists.

The following criterias can be defined:

  • Age from/to: The range of the possible athlete age. The age is calculated based on the definition in the "General Meet Info". You can enter -1 for open range (upper or lower). For relay events you have an additonal option to define, if the total age of all athletes or the single age of each athlete will be checked.
  • Gender: For relay events please consider the difference between "all" and "mixed". "Mixed" is a special gender for relay events, which means two men and two women in the relay. "All" means any gender.
  • Nationality only: Only for individual events. The nationality is defined per athlete and can be different to the athletes club nation.
  • Nations / Regions only: You can select one or more nation / region as filter. The check is done against these values defined for the clubs.
  • Clubs only: You can limit the results to one or more club. The selection list is based on the current meet entries. This means you have to add the clubs to the meet first, before you can select them as filter for an agegroup.
  • Athlete Levels: Every athlete can have a level (any code of 1-5 characters). Here you can select one or more codes for the agegroup. Codes are separated with a comma or a space.
  • Levels: slowest / fastest times: Specific for the KNZB (Dutch Swimming Federation). Based on entry times and "Level time standards", the level for an entry is calculated. Then the code for the selected "level time standard" is used to compare to the values defined here.
  • Disability classes: You can select one or more classes (e.g. S1, S2, AB). To select all athletes with "no disability" you can use the code X.